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  • Its all going horribly wrong

    Its all going horribly wrong

    Well it’s been one of those weeks, i have managed to break my walking stick, resulting in me plunging headlong into the road, I have managed to lose my Blue Badge, within the confines of my own home and then to top it off i have a raft of hospital appointments coming up this week…

  • Depression isn’t Contagious, You Can’t Catch It!

    Depression isn’t Contagious, You Can’t Catch It!

    I have found that one of the worst parts of mental illness especially depression is the loneliness and despair you can feel, if like me you feel alone in a room full of people, imagine spending the last 4 or 5 years essentially in isolation. When my illness really started to show, it was around…

  • Living with Chronic Pain

    Living with Chronic Pain

    When you feel the next wave starting to push in from your shin, through you leg and then down into you foot, as it pushed through it forces the air out of your lungs, your teeth clenched tightly as you try and breath through the pain. As the anew subsides you feel the next one…