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Tory Waste, No wonder the country is bankrupt….

Tory Waste and the National Debt since 2010

Today I am starting a new pinned article and I intend to keep adding to this as I find and verify infomation about the vaste swathes of Tory waste that has seen our national debt increase from 770 billion pounds in 2010 to 2,600 billion pounds in 2024.

In the list below I shall mark the level of verification I have found for each piece and the sources I have used, also which MP was involved or accredited to the item.

MP Position Scale of Waste Date Reported Sources
David CameronForeign SecretaryApprox £500,00 – Private Jet, the very same 42 million pound jet used by James Cleverly in 202329th April 2024The Mirror
Ex Prime Minisiter5 Billion Pounds of loans to Greenshill which later went bust without repaying the loan, David Cameron lobbied the government for these loans whilst being paid 1 million pounds a year for 25 days work a year, he was also a shareholder at Greensill and sold his shares for 7 million pounds before they went bust.March – June 2020Wikipedia
James CleverlyForeign Secretary£561,531 – Rental on a £42 million pound private jet to attend the G7 in Tokyo20th October 2023The Mirror
Boris JohnsonPrime Minister£200,000 on traffic cones for Brexit10th June 2022The National
£163,000 on union flags in just 2 years
Boris JohnsonEx Prime Minister£265,000 Boris Johnsons legal fees over the party gate scandal.21st July 2023Sky News
Boris Johnson & Rishi SunackPrime Minister & Chancellor£15 billion pounds on acquiring and storing unusable PPE purchased through the so called VIP lanes18th November 2023The Mirror
£37 Billion pounds on the failed covid track and trace system, spent over two years with no accountability as to where and how the money was spent.10th March 2021Parliment
Rishi SunackPrime Minister£1.3 Million on polling and focus groups to report on his public image10th June 2022The National
£4.3 Billion covid support fraud (written off)
Rishi SunackPrime Minister£40 Million pounds on VIP helicopters contract that Rishi Sunack personally intervened to keep.17th December 2023The Guardian
Liz TrussForeign Secretary1.8 Million Pounds – 350 seater private jet, used to approximately 20 trips.19th August 2023The Mirror

If you have any more that I can add to the list, then please please please drop me a line and lets show the world the sheer scale of greed, corruption and self entitlement with which this government has treated the people they are supposed to represent.

Just for fun I thought you might want to have a look at how much pension we are paying to some of the ex prime minsters of recent times.

One thing to bear in mind is the length of service and this table only covers up to the end of 2023 so Lizz Truss regardless that she was only in office for a matter of weeks in fully entitled to take £123,000 per annum as her ex Prime Ministers pension, and as far as she know she is doing host that pushing the annual bill for this bunch up to a whopping £738,000…

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