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About Me

At 49 years old and in the middle of the pandemic life took a bit of a turn for me, one minute i was running a reasonably successful e-commerce business, the next i was being having scans for issues with my heart and my world kinda crashed down around me.

Luckily my wife who worked with me was able to find a job at Amazon to keep us going whilst I got slowly more and more ill, until i could no longer walk more than a few steps without stopping to sit down. I was finally diagnosed with a sticky heart valve and am currently awaiting corrective surgery, yes the NHS waiting lists really are that long.


During the last few years i have suffered long periods of chronic pain, and mental health issues as a result of both the pain and the sting of pain meds, and also the long periods of isolation, luckily i was able to get a mental health refferal and spent a great deal of time on the phone one to one with a counsellor where i was able to work on coping mechanisms, and ways to combat my self destructive tendencies.

Needless to say I dont think i would have been able to get through this without that help. I am currently on the mend, and working on my general health, and both my physical and mental health are improving, although its going to be a long slog to get back to where i was.

One thing I would like to say is that without my wife Anna i would never have got through this, she has been my rock, and my anchor, she has kept me rooted, cheered my small victories and wiped my tears when i have failed. I owe her everything.

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