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Tory Economics, Death by A Thousand Cuts.

Death by a Thousand Cuts

So In the last 12 months we have seen even more tory tax increases on middle and lower income families, via their so called national insurance tax cut, but then again freezing the thresholds for income tax dragging more and more people into either at the low end of the scale paying income tax for the first time, or in middle income families paying tax in higher brackets. Leaving us with the highest tax burden since the 60’s.

Infographic: UK tax burden to hit highest level since the 60s | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

And yes they are still touting this as a tax cut!

In addition we are also seeing more and more cuts to local government budgets, underfunding in the NHS and Education, our schools and hospitals as well as other key infrastructure items falling apart because of raac concrete (which we have known about for years).

And now on top of all that they want to stick their noses into everybody’s bank accounts. The DWP (department for work and pensions) will, without the need to go through a judge or even a senior manager be able to look into your bank account to decide if you are committing fraud when claiming benefits of any kind, (including the state pension). A level of intrusion into and surveillance of peoples private lives that we don’t even see in Russia.

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