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Is the Brexit Experiment Finally Dead?

Is Brexit Dead?

High interest rates, crippling mortgages, high food prices and even higher energy prices, strikes ongoing for the last year, including Doctors and Rail Workers, goods held up on the borders for weeks on end, immigration up, and a chancellor and PM that lie through their teeth, and the country has now fallen into recession, despite Richie Rich constantly telling us we are growing faster than another country in Europe. And we still haven’t had our £350 million pounds for the NHS….

So lets have a look at the Tory Governments 5 pledges, now these were nothing to do with Brexit but this was Richie Rich’s 5 pledges from the government to the people.

  • Halving Inflation – Halving inflation this year.

Amazingly when inflation went up is was down to the Ukraine war and Europe and everything else he could blame, yet when it came down it was all down to Rich, but yes it has come down.

  • Economy Growing – Creating better paid jobs.

Well were looking at this one through the lense of the UK entering recession on the back of what has been pretty flat performance and very little by way of growth.

  • Debt Falling – Reducing the National Debt.

Considering the Tories have more than doubled the national debt since they came into power and they are now talking about tax cuts in the face of a recession, this doesn’t look like its a priority any more.

  • Small Boats – Passing New Laws to Stop the Small Boats Crossing.

Well he has finally got his toxic Rwanda bill through, but it hasn’t stopped the boats and any one has left for Rwanda yet. So it looks like he seems to be failing on this one too.

Now of course these pledges were made on the back of Liz Trusses disasterous budget that crashed the economy and forced the Bank of England to raise interest rates to try and stop run on the pound and pensions etc so its not like we have seen a healthy economy since we left the EU and it appears to be getting worse.

GBP is down, exports are down, prices are up, so lets take a look back at the promises made by Boris Johnson and pals.

  • £350 Million Pounds for the NHS

Denied within almost an hour of the Vote going through, yes the NHS has had more money but nothing like the £350 million that was on the side of that bus and it certainly was not as a result of Brexit.

  • Frictionless Trade and New Deals around the World

Well yes we have had some new deals, but most of the deals we have done have either been nominal or of very little value to the UK, and many of the are at the expense of the UK. And as for frictionless trade we have trade barriers with our nearest neighbours in Europe that mean we now barely trade with them, and our exports are virtually non-existent.

  • Take back control on Immigration

Yes we have stopped EU workers from coming to the UK to work and likewise we have lost the very same right to move through Europe and work ourselves, and in the mean time non EU migration has gone through the roof and we appear to have no way to control it. Partly because Brexit removed all our agreement that were in place previously.

  • End Supremecy of EU Law

Well for Northern Ireland they are technically remaining in the EU, and a s such are still under EU Law, and as for standards and things like kite marks etc for manufacturing, most companies have ditched the UK guidelines and are continuing to follow EU laws as the EU is a much bigger market.

So all in all there is not a single promise on which the Tories have delivered on either from Richies pledges to the Brexit promises themselves, and even Mr Farage has gone back on his promise to go and live somewhere else if Brexit turned into a complete shit show, which it pretty much has.

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