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“The British Miracle Meat”, A Most Thought Provoking Hoax

Gregg Wallace The British Miracle Meat

I watched Gregg Wallace touring the “Good Harvest” human meat factory with a certain unease, throw away comments from the owners of GooD Harvest like “Now thanks to Brexit we can do this..” etc made it feel even more real.

And then as the realisation they were not growing this “Miracle Meat” from cells but from actual chunks of flesh removed from paid for “Northerners” because lets face it everyone north of the Watford Gap is so poor they would sell their own organs. By this time I was pretty disgusted by the whole thing but still I watched on, as they tempted you to keep watching with their revelations about their premium range and in my heart I already knew what was coming…..

Yes this latest product from Good Harvest was being grown from lumps of meat actually extracted from children under 7, cue grandma and grandson both in for a bit of butchery on the same day, granny in goes for a twofour….. doing a buttock and a wing extraction all on the same day and at the same time little Jonny is having half his arse removed for our consumption.

But even as this stunning and frankly sickening revelation was playing out on screen you couldn’t help but realise that nothing, even this, would be beyond this Tory government and especially the likes of Stella Braverman or should we say Cruella. And its this part which is the most shocking, not the production and consumption of a long line of scousers being paid 200 quid a pop to have a golf ball sized soup of themselves removed to be sliced up and grown into meat cakes. Nope it’s the fact that so many people actually believed this was real, and that belief comes from the total and utter cruelty with which this government treats the poor.

In the same week that British Gas declares a profit of nearly 1 Billion Pounds in just one quarter, whilst its customers turn off their heating and take cold showers, yep and the same week that floating prisons are being lined up around the country to house asylum seekers, no they are not Illegal immigrants, there is no such thing.

But what is making the front page of the papers and the top spot in every news program, Nigel Fucking Farage an entitled, upper class wanker, who single handedly tanked this country in driving it headlong into Brexit with his hatred of pretty much anything that isn’t red white and blue, has had his bank account at exclusive private bank “Coutes of London” closed and was offered a “Normal” persons account at Nat West which apparently wasn’t good enough. And on that news the head of the bank has actually had to resign.

Of course at the same time we have massive wildfires, a war in Afghanistan, poverty and hunger in the UK, but no, its all about that wide mouthed frog fucking Nigel Fucking Farage.

This if nothing else shows how doomed the UK is, people who are literally freezing and starving are being served up news which tries to keep them in a state of constant hatred and disgust, but not at the state, no, at each other. Blame the migrants, Blame the poor and the disabled for taking benefits, but for gods sake don’t look up at the likes of Farage, Johnson, Liz Truss and so many others who have coined it in thought the pandemic and Brexit whilst the poor in this country just get poorer.

And of course if you want to add to the above the news that the King of England was being given a 46 million pound pay rise because of the cost of living, of course there is no money for nurses, they are just fine trotting off to the food banks to try and feed their kids, when Charlie boy needs renovate one of his palaces we just chuck him a 50% pay rise.

It really is time people in the country wake the fuck up and start tasting the filth and pig swill that this government Is dishing out the resemble coffee.

Just to add to our shock and awe, it has been revealed that the owners of GB News have a hedge fund which has been holding a short position against Nat West when all this came out, kinda whiffs of insider trading if you ask me.

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