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The Real Price of “Green” Vehicles

Child Slave Labour in the Congo Cobalt Mines

Ok, I admit it, I drive a Hybrid Electric Vehicle, not a full on plugin electric but still a self charging EV which shares much of its components with full on EV’s, and don’t get me wrong I absolutely love my EV, and wouldn’t give it up for all the tea in china, but what is the real cost of these cars.

Although we are regularly told how environmentally friendly our cars our and how we are helping to save the planet, these cars are full of precious metals which have to come out of the ground, be processed and refined and then they finally make it into the batteries and motors that power the electric vehicle revolution.

Check out the video below from SKY News, or do some searching of your own, if you want to learn the real secret and cost behind these metals, the SKY News video focusses on Cobalt mining in the Congo, and I have seen 1st hand evidence of mines containing unto 40,000 child slaves, clawing and grasping at the mud to drag out Cobalt out of the ground by hand, the lucky ones have tools!

Sky News on Child Exportation in the Congo Cobalt Mines

It’s worth noting when watching this that Cobalt Poisoning can occur through prolonged exposure to cobalt dust and can be lethal.

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