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Its all going horribly wrong

Its all gone horribly wrong

Well it’s been one of those weeks, i have managed to break my walking stick, resulting in me plunging headlong into the road, I have managed to lose my Blue Badge, within the confines of my own home and then to top it off i have a raft of hospital appointments coming up this week and no parking badge.

Luckily i have managed to get a new walking stick thanks to the swift turnaround from in getting my new walking stick to me on Saturday delivery & form my new forearm crutch which is an absolute godsend when out and about.

both of the above companies came to me on personal recommendation and i can see why, they both had great easy to navigate and use websites, delivery was next day (Saturday in the case of Cool Crutches) and in both cases the products delivered are absolutely top notch, If you do wind up needing a little support in the walking department then the above companies will definitely see you right.

So what else has happened why has it been such a bad week, well the scabs etc on my legs seem to be slowly healing up, but the pain coming from this healing is off the charts, and with that comes tiredness from lack of sleep both during the day and at night. And with the tiredness comes clumsiness, so I also had to treat my lovely wife to a set of new glasses yesterday……..

Time to stop crying and start doing something positive with my life, i have even applied for a part time job a local motorcycle place, they looked at me like some kind of alien when i came in walking on a stick, so that was nice, needless to say i didn’t get the job. And looking at the success rates of other friends I have of similar age to myself but without the walking sticks etc in getting jobs, It is looking like i am entering life’s unemployable scrap heap of the 50+ and long term unemployed.

And if this government think i’m going out driving an uber or delivering Pizza’s then then have got another thing coming, Did i mention i managed to lose my blue badge ( in my own bloody home).

but all joking aside it is seriously looking like working for myself is going to be the only option as and when i hopefully recover from whatever it is i have, so I need to start doing my research now. Whatever it is im going to do its gong to need to be able to support me, my wife and I hope and pray a little one, as I know my good lady is desperate to bring a little one of her own into the world. And to be honest it’s not something I would object to either.

But and there is a big but, a little one is likely going to mean moving to Poland in order to be closer to my wifes support group, so I am probably going to need to learn the lingo and pass an exam in it, as well as retake my driving test, for not only cars, but trucks and motorbikes too.

Don’t get me wrong I am definitely not adverse to selling up and moving abroad, its not a decision to be taken lightly, and we are going to need to firm plan of what we are going to do once we get there. We can’t just rock up and move in the with outlaws. But then again almost anything has to better than raising a child in the UK.

And i guess the final twist of the week was my wife’s facebook popping up a memories from 10 years ago, jeepers was i thin, no not thin, fit healthy etc, not the lumbering 20 stone blob that needs sticks to walk you see before you now. That of course was before covid and before years of slowly degenerating, years of slowly getting bigger, whist muscle has wasted away. Ode to be able to roll back that clock.

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