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Facebook Marketplace – A Scammers Paradise.

Facebook Marketplace Scammers

If like me you have tried selling on Facebook Marketplace, then I am pretty sure you are going to be sick to death of “Is This Still Available?” and then radio silence, or “I will send GLS with cash, but I need you to pay the insurance upfront”, etc, etc.

Like much of Facebook the Marketplace is a total free for all and is very very poorly regulated, and whilst yes I have had some success selling on their, It’s just painful that amount of time that gets wasted on scammers and idiots with no intention of buying.

Once I spot a scammer I generally like to drag out the conversation playing dum for as long as possible before eventually blocking then, but there is no option to report people to Facebook for abusing the system, or trying to scam people out of their hard earned cash. And it’s such a shame as Marketplace could be such a great selling tool, if only Facebook would clean it up.

Most recently I have had the pleasure of selling some women’s clothing and shoes etc of the Marketplace and what really surprised me was the amount of people messaging to say ” Can I see a pic of you wearing it?” I am pretty sure they don’t realise that I am a 51 year old bloke with a beard when asking this, but I am so tempted to send them the pics as requested.

So what spurred on this little mini rant, yep another scammer with I must pay on PayPal and then they send a PayPal looking email saying they have paid but the money has been delay and thats its safe to ship the goods….. clicking the link takes you a fake PayPal login page and a few keystrokes later the unwary have given up their PayPal logins.

Be safe people, when you get emails from sites like eBay, check the domain name they are sent from.

And for those that cannot see the issue with this email immediately look at the email address it has been sent from…. If should be something like [email protected] not [email protected]

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