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Downward Spirals – What Does My Mental Health and WWI Pilots Have In Common.

Spiralling Mental Health Issues

No Parachutes…… WWI Pilots would fly without parachutes, feeling it better to go down with the plane than jump out, so once the plane was hit and sufficiently damaged it meant it would be on a forever downwards trajectory from there on in.

In a similar vain once dark thoughts, start to manifest and your mood starts to go down, it is incredibly hard to find a way off the downward spiral into depression.

Sometimes it’s one thing that can send you down looping into infinity as you analyse and then over analyse and the analyse again, with each spiral bring a new level of anxiety, worry and depression. unable to see a way out and with no parachute to soften the landing.

I have been trying to work back through my anxiety and depression in such a deep dive. But not just that but also what I could have done to stop it.

And the answer is that most of the things that have caused me to slip in the last week or so have been 100%. totally and utterly out of my control and that it is that lack of control that creates my anxiety, so I then worry about what could happen and quick start to see end games and negative outcomes.

Ive got learn to relax, learn to let go of the reins and let what’s going to happen happen without worrying about it, If I cannot deflect the final outcome then I have really got to get used to accepting it.

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