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More Oil and Gas, It’s like throwing Petrol on a fire and Hoping it will go out.

Wildfire Near Homes - Global Warming is Here

The latest Tory Green policies, which include a go-ahead for fracking, more North Sea oil and gas exploration, a general thumbs up to more fossil fuels being burnt in the UK. With a whole raft of new Oil and Gas fired power stations being built to bridge the gap whist new Nuclear Power stations are built.

For some reasons the Tory party have taken then anti ULEZ vote in the Uxbridge by-election to mean that the people don’t want green policies, and that people don’t care about new-zero and climate change, but I personally think the are wrong, I do care about climate change, and I do care about air pollution.

I like most people want a world that we can live in, pretty much as we do now, not in heat proof underground bunkers with filtered air and artificial GM food grown under lights in a dark corner of some concrete bunker. Whilst the surface of the planet burns, and if we want to stop this from happening then we, thats you me and the government need to act NOW!, and we need to make the hard choices, even if they are not popular, whereas Rich Rich and his mates seem to think we want care about them going totally the other direction.

If you look at what other countries are doing they are putting us to shame, in France they have made it law that all open air car parks are to be fitted with Solar Panel roofing, generating clean power right in the heart of the cities where it is needed.

Most other countries have made it law that all new build homes are properly insulated, and have heat pumps / solar panels and wind turbines built in from the design stage forward. This would be so easy to implement in the UK but we just won’t do it. Because the Tories think they might lose the next election if the implement green policies, Sod he bloody election there is more at stake here than the Tories keeping their seats in Parliament.

This is where we need Proportional Representation in parliament so that long term policies can be enacted without fear of these huge swings from one party to the next driving decision making and long term policy making.

We need radical change in the policies of the UK and a massive push towards net zero and beyond, and there are plenty of places we can start.

Private Jets, we don’t need them, there are enough commercial flights with business class and 1st class sections that we shouldn’t need any private jets in the UK, they are a massive producer of carbon dioxide and will continue to be one until aviation moves to an environmentally friendly fuel be it EV, Hydrogen, or anything else that comes along.

Solar Panels & Heat Pumps, This is no reason whatsoever why all new build houses should not be fitted with solar panels, storage batteries, heat pumps, and proper insulation, it just needs the regulation to be put through parliament to make it happen, this on it’s own would be a massive win. On top of this we could also add rain water collection and re-circulation for things like washing machines and toilet flushing.

Retrofit Older Homes, Again we need a plan and a system of grants etc available to owners of older houses to drag our older housing stock up to the current standards and beyond with grants for hear pumps, solar panels, solar water heating, cavity wall insulation or internal / external wall insulation where appropriate, and make it so that small local builders and DIY home owners can also access the grants rather than everyone paying a set of government selected contractors.

EV’s and Hydrogen Cars, there is still much debate about what the fuel of the future is but one thing is for sure EV’s are not going away, neither are hybrids and hydrogen powered vehicles, the latter being especially true in commercial vehicles where you need range.

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