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Review: Anker 737 Power Bank 24k Portable Charger

Note: This is not a paid review, I purchased the Anker 737 24,000mah Power Bank for my own use, and have reviewed it here of my own accord, there are however affiliate links to Amazon on this page, from which I do earn a commission if you were to purchase one.

The is a huge amount I like about this charger most of all the power to charge multiple items at once, for me it is my IPhone 14 Pro MAX, Mac Book Air M2 and my Watch all at the same time.

The Power Bank itself can be charged via the included USB-C charging cable and includes a handy digital display so you can see exactly how much charge Is remaining in the unit. As well as being able to see how much power is being drawn from each of the ports.

Charging your Anker Power Bank

The Anker Power Bank comes with a good quality USB-C charging cable but no charger, to I tried a few different charging methods to see what works best.

  1. USB-C Wall Socket – Because the wall socket charger is not very strong this took in excess of 14 hours to charge the Power Bank from 0%
  2. Mac Book Air (Apple Wall Charger) – Next I tried the USB-C charger that came with my Mac Book Air, this turned out again to be fairly low powered and took nearly 8 hours to charge it.
  3. USB / USB-C Charging Hub: I have a USB-C charging hub which supports charging of multiple devices etc, this turned to be capable of pushing out over 40w and charged the Anker 24,000mah Power Bank from 0% to 100% in under 3 hours.

So the moral of the story here is the bigger the charger is that you can throw at the job the faster it will charge (simples really).

The Anker 737 Power Bank In Use

I have always been very sceptical about the claims of power banks as to what they can charge etc. So couldn’t wait to put this so far really impressive little box of tricks to the test and the 1st test had to be the hardest.

Recharging a Mac Book Air:

Charging a M2 Mac Book Air 13″ from empty to full, it took me two days to run the battery completely down on my Mac Book Air, but the Anker 737 made short work of it, recharging to a full charge in under 2 hours, however this used up 65% of the power available from the bank.

Recharging Multiple Devices:

This is much more of a real life test, connecting my Mac Book Air, iPhone 14 Pro, and My Apple Watch all at the sometime, being more of an in use test the charging conditions of the devices were not monitored, The iPhone was on around 50% when connected, the same for the Apple Watch and the Mac Book Air on around 70%.

All three devices showed charging on the power bank, and all three devices charged in what would be a usual amount of time, as if they were on a mains charger, this test was conducted with the Mac Book Air in use, basically simulating working in a train carriage or Cafe etc where you would not have mains power availability.

In Summary:

It really doesn’t matter what I have thrown at this hand little power back the Anker 737 has performed faultlessly, I shall of course continue to update this page with any thing else I find as I continue to use this device on a daily basis, but as far as it goes this is a five stars review, I really really cannot fault this device. My only gripe being the size and weight, but you cannot have power without somewhere to put it.

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