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These Four Walls

Just my ramblings, from within the walls of my own personal prison.

Its all gone horribly wrong

Its all going horribly wrong

Well it’s been one of those weeks, i have managed to break my walking stick, resulting in me plunging headlong into the road, I have managed to lose my Blue Badge, within the confines of my own home and then to top it off i have a raft of hospital

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Facebook Marketplace Scammers

Facebook Marketplace – A Scammers Paradise.

If like me you have tried selling on Facebook Marketplace, then I am pretty sure you are going to be sick to death of “Is This Still Available?” and then radio silence, or “I will send GLS with cash, but I need you to pay the insurance upfront”, etc, etc.

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Depression Is Not Contagious

Depression isn’t Contagious, You Can’t Catch It!

I have found that one of the worst parts of mental illness especially depression is the loneliness and despair you can feel, if like me you feel alone in a room full of people, imagine spending the last 4 or 5 years essentially in isolation. When my illness really started

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Child Slave Labour in the Congo Cobalt Mines

The Real Price of “Green” Vehicles

Ok, I admit it, I drive a Hybrid Electric Vehicle, not a full on plugin electric but still a self charging EV which shares much of its components with full on EV’s, and don’t get me wrong I absolutely love my EV, and wouldn’t give it up for all the

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Dave the Chicken RIP

So Long Dave, and thanks for all the eggs…

I have been living with chronic pain for nearly a year now and it has slowly gotten worse, episodes used to be a couple of hours and easily treated with fairly standard pain killers, now I have a lot more episodes sometimes lasting days, when even the likes of Tramadol

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Urban Tandoor Bristol TikTok Queens

The Best of TikTok – Urban Tandoor (Bristol)

Sometimes you come across some absolute gems on TikTok, and this one does not disappoint, todays TikTok top find in Urban Tandoor from Bristol. @urbantandoorbristol I would walk 500 miles to Urban Tandoor.. #urbantandoor #parodysong #iwouldwalk500miles #indianrestaurant #parodysongs #indianfood #curry ♬ original sound – Urban Tandoor If you can get

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Review: Anker 737 Power Bank 24k Portable Charger

Note: This is not a paid review, I purchased the Anker 737 24,000mah Power Bank for my own use, and have reviewed it here of my own accord, there are however affiliate links to Amazon on this page, from which I do earn a commission if you were to purchase

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